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November 02 2017


How to Hire a Good House Cleaner

Finding a good house cleaner can be quite a difficult process, especially if it is the first time you are hiring someone for these services. Firstly, because you are going to invite someone, generally a stranger, into your private life and into your home. A house cleaner will have access to the most private areas of your house, areas that not even your closest friends and family members have access to. For most of us, allowing someone to look behind these closed doors can feel extremely invasive and uncomfortable. Secondly, the house cleaner will see you and your family’s dirty laundry, and you have to try and be comfortable with this. And last but not least, you need to trust the person that you hire to handle your stuff carefully and not break anything. It is important, as a homeowner, to feel that the cleaner respects and treats your home the same way you do, and we have to say that finding such a person can be daunting.

Although at first, it might seem difficult to hire the services of a house cleaner, over time you will realize that it was the best decision ever. A business coach once said that ‘No one makes money while cleaning their own house’, meaning that there is very little value for a person to clean their own house. Most of us will probably have much more productive things to do with our time and hiring someone else to clean our homes might actually save us money. Here are some of the most important things that you need to know before hiring a house cleaner.

  1. It is Important to Plan Ahead. When you are thinking about hiring someone to help clean your house, it’s crucial to plan ahead. The majority of cleaners have their regular clients that fill a big part of their schedule, so finding someone who has an opening in their schedule might take a while. House cleaners are the busiest around the holidays because that is when everyone wants to have their home in top shape. Therefore, it is very important to start looking for acleaner weeks in advance if you want to make sure you find one for Christmas or for New Year’s Eve.

  2. Ask for Recommendations. Once you have decided the type of cleaning professional that you want to hire, you can start asking for recommendations. You can ask your close friends, your coworkers, or your neighbors if they are currently employing the service of someone trustworthy and affordable. It would be great if you hired someone who is already working in your neighborhood a lot, that way you ensure that it is convenient for them to come to your house whenever you need them.

  3. Look Online. If you cannot seem to find good referrals from people that you trust, you can start searching online. Start by doing a quick google search including the name of your city, and even the name of your suburb or neighborhood and see what comes up. We recommend using platforms that offer ratings and reviews. Once you find a few cleaners that seem alright and that have good reviews make sure you ask for quotes and see which price seems fair.

When you are looking online, it is important to remember that most people will only leave reviews for services when they were very happy or very disappointed. So the mediocre or eventless part of the cleaner’s job is probably unaccounted for in the reviews. You should aim at hiring someone who does not have less than four stars. There is no need to only hire someone with five stars, as no one can get 100% perfect reviews. It is only natural for any service provider to have one or two unhappy customers.

If you are not satisfied with the online platforms that you have used in the past, you can try using the Bricks + Agent property management platform. On the Bricks + Agent platform, you will find the best cleaning services in your area.

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